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Bibha is a qualified Infant Massage Educator, a mother, a registered nurse and a nurse immunizer who currently works as a Practice Nurse in the Moreland community. She has always had a special interest in baby massage and completed her course through Infant Massage Australia. She believes in the effectiveness of baby massage and wants to share what she has learnt with mothers, fathers and people who work professionally with infants and families. 

Bibha hopes you will enjoy massaging your baby and gain as much pleasure and satisfaction from practising the art of massage as she does from teaching.

“Being loved, when learning to love, is superior to instruction in learning”

- Ashley Montagu


Benefits for baby – Infant Massage

  • Relaxing or stimulating

  • Deeper sleep, less fussiness

  • Stimulates skin - improves texture, deep cleanses

  • Exercises muscles­ - develops motor skills, joint flexibility, coordination

  • Improves circulation and lymph flow (increases resistance to disease)

  • Develops and regulates the gastro-intestinal tract

  • Assists in the relief of gas and colic, constipation, growing pains, teething and muscular cramps

  • Body awareness

  • Bonding/ attachment

Benefits for parents – Infant Massage

  • Bonding

  • Relaxation

  • Teach nurturing parenting skills

  • Play time activity

  • Increase in Prolactin (nurturing hormone)

  • Release stress

  • Increase confidence in handling the baby

  • Listening and understanding infant needs- cues and cries

  • Networking with other parents

  • Energy sharing

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Group and

Private Classes

$90 for 3 sessions

Introduction to baby massage- A two hour class for mothers-to-be

$90 for a two hour session